Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Whole New Project (Comedy Shorts)

For some time now I've been having little brain waves, funny things that come to me just before I go to bed, when I'm in a zombiefied morning stupor or, for some strange reason, when I'm bent double in the kitchen suffering from a severe hangover; and, when I can, I've written these down in a note-pad or on a scruffy piece of paper.

Recently I collected the best of these pieces together and decided that I had just enough to do a few episodes, recorded in a radio-style segment, that I planned on releasing upon the judging ears of the general public. 

So, through a haze of a severe cold (arrgh, my face feels like it's being pulled on by a small child, my eyes are watering, and someone's filled my nose with tar!) I set about getting down something that I hoped would make people laugh, and, hopefully, make them want to subscribe and listen to more.

Here's what came out: