Saturday, 25 September 2010

Writing new things!

Sorry about the lack of updates once again, I found I'd actually written a couple of paragraphs earlier on in the week, but proceeded unfortunately to get irrevocably and uncontrollably distracted, so that it was just left open on the screen when I came back to it. I considered salvaging it but it's now all completely out of date.

Good news for those of you who actually care about my work, I got bored of waiting for my course to start (not for another week still unfortunately) and actually got round to doing some writing. This piece is entitled, at the moment and for lack of better ideas, Graham Holland, and is to be sent of for (hopefully) publication in the local Derby newspaper 'The Derby Telegraph'. Which is all exciting stuff, if I can actually get round to bloody finishing it. And of course when it's all done I'll upload it to the blog for all you guys to read.

Other than that I seem to be feeling more and more at home here everyday. I still miss the people I love and care about a great deal (you know who you are) but no longer feel the nagging emptiness I used to. Well, not as much. I also seem to have gained an annoying tolerance to alcohol which means I can drink ludicrous amounts and not feel it, this may seem cool, but I'm not very rich and it's turning out to be expensive. Suppose it's all part of the student experience, as they say.

That's about it to be honest, I would delve into the details of all my exploits but I don't want to bore you, and I don't remember half of it anyway.

Favorites for listening to at the moment include the Dr Who soundtrack, performed by the unbelievably brilliant BBC National Orchestra Of Wales (currently playing, and making me feel like I'm on a bloody mission to finish this post) and Amnesiac by Radiohead.

Till next time...

Monday, 20 September 2010

Shits and giggles

But slightly less giggles.

Woke up this morning with what I assumed to be a hangover, even though my last nights escapades hadn't seemed too expansive. It soon occurred to me, however, that this was not entirely the case (although I'm sure it mixed in there somewhere) favoring my rather disgusting symptoms instead to food poisoning. I'm blaming it on some rushed rice I cooked the evening before, before heading off to a street party.

I'm not going to go into it a great deal as I'm sure your imagination can fill in the gaps, I can tell you however that it relates to this post's title. The illness left me flitting between my room and the toilet before I forced myself out of the dorm to catch a bus up to the campus. On the way up I met a rather nice young lady who just so happened to be doing the same course as me, which was a good thing, because I had no idea what time I was meant to be there (well, actually this is a lie, I vaguely remember a drunken conversation in which eleven o'clock came in somewhere), and had no idea what room I was meant to be in. Everyone on my course seems rather nice, and I had a chat with some people on the way down in which I met the aforesaid 11 o'clock guy.

Needless to say I am yet to eat, the fear of bringing it up again putting me in a rather useless position in which I'm hungry, have food, but cannot eat. As for the street party last night, I'm afraid I don't remember much of it and may well have made a considerable fool out of myself.

Anyway, to all those people I met and gave out cards to with this address on it, Hi, to everyone else, until next time...

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The university of Derby

It seems whenever I start one of these posts I'm apologising for not being frequent enough with my updates. This time my excuse is rather less noble than "I was too busy", because I've been filling my time instead with going out and getting idiotically drunk, either in the run up to going off to uni in order to efficiently say goodbye to my childhood friends, or while actually at uni in freshers week (or freshers fortnight in my case).

So far I've totted up half a day and one night in student halls and have managed in that time to meet rather alot of people through slightly tipsy escapades in which I've wondered around the city of derby with some people I'd never met before (and I'm sorry, were quite boring), got lost, and ended up grabbing a taxi to the main campus where I was told the party would be terrible. This however was not the case, and although queuing for half an hour to get a drink was rather frustrating, did sedate my crave for flashing lights and loud music.

In and amongst that I have managed in fact to do no writing whatsoever, my plans to finish off The Chase have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, or at least the foreseeable future in which alcohol and good company flow freely and are relatively within budget. Instead I've decided to update my blog with boring facts about my life more regularly, more for my own benefit than for that of others, as I can't seem to remember a great deal of what's happened during the past month or so (I'm sure this is in no small way accounted by for the aforementioned excessive consumption of poison) and I can hopefully use this as a reference point, or to look back and laugh at my own stupidity.

That's it for now folks, until next time.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Reading in Reading, Walking and Camping

Pretty much sums up what I've been up to for the past couple of days.

Reading was and excellent festival (the bits that I can remember) and apart from a rather disappointing example of bad showmanship from the pre-madonna Axl Rose, I found most of the bands to live up to my expectations. Didn't get much of a chance to write in between hangovers and drunken escapades, but took my note book nevertheless in the vain hope that some random strain of inspiration might come spinning into my head.

I then had around two days to recover before being whisked away by my father on a walk from my home in Hertfordshire all the way off to Southend. It was great fun, save the freezing cold nights in my microlight sleeping bag, curled up with every single piece of clothing I own wrapped about my person, and amounted to a rather impressive 45 miles in all.

Now I'm back in the home town and have finally managed to grab some time to myself to update this little blog of mine. As for actually doing any writing I'm afraid the since the last post I've been relatively unproductive, and by relatively I mean I've done nothing.

Hopefully get some stuff written up this afternoon, before I wonder off to Camden Town to perform my last ever gig with StereoTypical before we bugger off to Uni. Lets hope the bloody tube workers actually bother to do their job and don't go on strike.

Until then...