Saturday, 13 November 2010

In My Day

Here's a little something I found as I was archiving some of my older stuff on this site. Hope you enjoy :)

In my day, we kept ourselves occupied with networking sites, or computer games, with lag, that would sometimes just turn themselves off for no reason.

In my day, if the internet went off, you just got on with it, or you had to go all the way downstairs to turn it on again.

In my day, if you wanted to get somewhere you got in a car, with petrol that exploded, and you would sit in traffic jams for hours on end and everybody crashed.

In my day, bad weather would bring the whole country to a standstill, and everybody got a day off work.

In my day, news papers would twist the truth to sell more copies, and everyone was afraid of guns and drugs and teenagers.

In my day, we were afraid of terrorists and reliable energy and global warming.

In my day, the whole world was unstable and everyone was quarreling about everything.

In my day, things were simpler, better.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Interesting things going on with the black project at the moment, finally managed to procure a mixing board from a very kind man from next door.

If you haven't already heard UD233 then you can HERE. It's the first song from the Black Noize project which when finished will probably contain around four or five tracks, all with a different specific feeling to them. At the moment I'm working on the second song, which has a far more airy and dreamy feeling about it, and am into my second version (basically the first one turned to pot, but I put it down to experience and am starting afresh with some of the better ideas from the original).

I'm using to host all of my music, and putting it all up on there for free download, I will also, however, be putting higher quality downloads up on megaupload, the links for which will be displayed on this website.

There's also a possibility of at some point releasing the tracks on CD, although this is far off in the future and the music will remain free to download. Big plans ahead, lets see how it goes :)

Other than that not much going on in the world of writing, just a whole load of boring uni work like book reports (Urgh). Had the family round yesterday which was nice, had a lovely meal and went to see a comedy act in the city. Anyways, now I have a printer so I can build up a pile of printed work (Yay).

Ps. I've had to change the original name from Black Noise to Black Noize for copyright reasons.
Pss. Also, hopefully soon we'll have some artwork designed for UD233 up soon, courtesy of David Pringle, a photographer whose work can be found Here.