Saturday, 21 August 2010

Advancements in my life

So, I've been reminded a couple of times now about my neglecting of this blog, but not to fear, just because I haven't been posting too regularly doesn't mean there hasn't been lots of work going on behind the scenes ;)

At first, I suppose I should mention the fact that I got into Derby university (Whheeeyyy!) with an A and a B (and an e). I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who were there for me and without whom I would not have made it this far. These being my family, who did an excellent job of not nagging me (much) and in general staying out of my hair during the exam period, as well as just being there when I needed them.

And my beautiful girlfriend, with out whom I'm almost certain I would never have managed to get the grades I needed. The emotional support she provided, as well as tactical nagging and pointing out where I was in danger of falling, were absolutely instrumental in getting me through the last half a year of exams. without her I'm pretty sure I'd be without at least a quarter of my hair and wouldn't have much left to call finger nails. You are beautiful, and I love you.

Of course, I must also thank all of the others who have been there for me, namely my good friends, who were there to be nervous with me and go to the pub with me and drink nauseating amounts of alcohol with on the weekends (and week days...). It was you who I was able to make idiotic jokes with and laugh about such childish things as funny faces and, of course, farts. Without you guys I would have defiantly gone insane, and I will miss you all to no end (although of course we'll all be re-united when the holidays finally roll back around).

Right, now the soppy crap's over, here's some updates about my work...

At first, as you may have noticed, the tag "(UNDRAFTED)" has disappeared from The Escape, meaning that I've now spent some time actually going through the bloody thing and changing all the bad bits.

Also, you may have noticed that I've actually bothered to type up some of my previously hand written journal. You can find this under Euro-trip (WIP) on the right hand nav-bar, "(WIP)" stands for Work In Progress, I know, aren't I clever. This little baby's got a couple of nice pictures with it to keep the more easily bored of you entertained. On a side note, I'd be grateful if people could give me some feedback on the journal, it seems to me a little too long and boring to me.

That's it for now, until next time...

Friday, 13 August 2010


So, lots of interesting things going on with this little blog over the next couple of weeks.

First of all, I've uploaded two short stories (Which kinda inter-link), and you can find these on the nav bar to your right. These include A Beautiful Night, which I think I can safely say has been drafted and re-drafted enough times over the past couple of years to be worthy of your reading. And The Escape, which still needs a little more work done to it, as soon as I can be bothered I'll get down to it.

Secondly, I've been searching through all of my old works to find something worthy of showing to the world, and have managed to find a couple of bits that I'm going to snazz up a little and re-write, so they should be up here at some point for your reading enjoyment.

Thirdly and finally, my most recent project, a journal which I part wrote when I was in Europe, this I am planning on finishing and typing up as soon as possible. The journal is split up into about 16 days, so I'll be posting each day as I finish it, the first should be up soon, just need to get down to typing it up...

And that's all for now, just waiting on results for my uni place taking creative writing. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Good afternoon

It's a brilliantly warm summers day outside, and I've awoken (a little late) to the revelation that I should start a blog, so here it is.

Recently I've been meeting with people interested in my works, and I thought it would probably be a good idea to create some sort of website through which people could refer to, and easily take a look at, my productions. It's gonna take a while for me to get used to the site editor methinks, but as soon as I sort it out I'll hopefully be able to easily document and archive all of my works while having a platform through which I can update people as to future works, which is awesome.

So welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the swankiest, sexiest blog this side of the internet.