Monday, 19 November 2012

A Story About Snow Men

Last Christmas I was living in Derby and it just so happened to snow, here's some photos of what the street looked like outside:

Oooo, snowy!

At the time I was fairly into Calvin and Hobbes, a comic written by a guy called Bill Watterson, I'd find the comic strips online and spend hours browsing them; if you don't already know of Calvin and Hobbes I would seriously suggest checking them out here.

Anyway, I was browsing through them when I came across a strip much like this one:

Om nom nom!

 Taking this as inspiration I decided to try and do something similar.

So I began messing around and produced something like this:

 It's behind you!

 See the resemblance?
Obviously it's not as grand as the Calvin and Hobbes version, but I tried my very best.

 Also, here's a pair of photos of another little snow sculpture I did that fateful night.

It was intended to greet people as they walked past, but unfortunately didn't last more than half an hour before the head fell off.

It may well have come across as a mad little gremlin.
Unfortunately that's all I've got to show to you.

I hope you enjoyed my snowy playthings and let's hope it snows again this winter so that I might try my hand at it second time!

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